Applause: From our fans...

From Past Spotlight Partners

"[Music Doing Good has] made a positive difference in the lives of our small town community. They have helped us follow our mission of bringing arts and culture to Howell and the surrounding area and to restore a historic gem...Music Doing Good is just helping because they are committed to supporting small nonprofits like the Livingston Arts Council. They get nothing back but our thanks and hopefully the satisfaction of knowing that without their help we would not have been able to continue.- Blythe Paterson, President of Livingston Arts Council, Howell Opera House

"Yours was an entertaining, enlightening, and enchanting presentation, filled with heart and soul, passion and compassion, creativity and spirit. You demonstrate incomparable professional expertise as signers, songwriters, musicians, and child education specialists. Your attention to detail — messaging, music, and more — makes your performances compelling and moving for every audience member. You personify your mission, and your generous spirit is contagious.- Janet Reingold, Cay Topics Committee Chair

From Our Fans & Friends

"You are planning and presenting interesting repertoire that is made most effective by the artist’s input, bringing the various works together like a tapestry. The performance level is simply wonderful…and the excellence of the music being performed is top drawer!"- George E. Mims, D.M.

"We think about you and Music Doing Good whenever we hear great music. And we want you to know that your performances are equal to the best we hear anywhere in the world. We continue to be amazed that you bring such talent to Boothbay Harbor and to your everywhere. You and Music Doing Good are a national treasure. And we look forward to seeing (and hearing) you again soon."
- Janet Reingold and Philip Yasinski

"Thank you so much for the terrific evening at Music Doing Good Café. The “songwriter’s in the round” format reminded me of the jazz and jam session at Preservation Hall in New Orleans with K.D. Lang, Roy Orbison, Bruce Springsteen, etc. You did a great job…thank you for including me." - Ruth Eileraas

"You all were so wonderful at the Howell Opera House this past weekend! Thank you so much for sharing your joy of music, fun & all things Marilyn!!" - Kim Wheeler

"Thank you for another captivating and stimulating evening of artistry, intellect, and great humor. We haven’t had such a wonderful evening since the LAST time we were at one of your performances! But you do keep raising the bar. We must say that Music Doing Good brings an entirely new dimension to our little community here. Before you came here, we said this place is perfect except there’s no world class arts and culture. You’re changing that. We only wish we had you here for the entire season!" - Janet and Philip

"Attending Music Doing Good events is a joyful and enriching experience, thanks to the high caliber of the performers and the uniquely intimate venues. Each event is a delightful learning opportunity and a great gift to the community." - Anna Caflisch

"As a first time guest at a Music Doing Good concert, you can imagine my surprise at the warmth and graciousness of everyone I encountered. Additionally, the music, vocals and oration brought many tears to my eyes. I'm not sure what forces were operating both within and around me throughout the evening; however, the combination can only be described as magical. Much appreciation for such a lovely evening."- Stefanie C. Barthmare