Music Doing Good…All Over the World!

We believe that all of the children we serve are exceptional, whether it be musical talent or their passion for “doing good” in the community through music. Zoe Zhang has been a scholarship recipient for the last three years and she has far surpassed all expectations with the creation of her program, “Project Lights, Camera, Action!” She traveled to Xinjiang, China to work with Uighur children, a racial minority who suffer from racism, poverty, and very limited access to education. Through her interactive program, which utilizes music, arts, crafts and photography, Zoe is teaching these children about the world around them. She also raises funds through concerts and bake sales to continue expanding this program and enriching the lives of the Uighur children. Please click HERE to watch a short video about Zoe’s work in China, which also received some attention from the local news media.

“Growing up in a rich performing and visual arts environment, I have realized that the arts have a profound capacity to awaken souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity, as I believe that there are no limits to the vast capability of the arts,” remarks Zoe about the inspiration for this project.  

We encourage you to visit Zoe’s web page by clicking HERE. Please support this incredible young woman who is literally “creating a world where we all live in concert.”