Music Doing Good to the Rescue!

Music Doing Good Helps School Music Programs After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey caused a staggering amount of loss for Houstonians, with damage spread across the city and surrounding neighborhoods.  In the aftermath of the storm flooding, many schools lost musical instruments, with some programs losing their entire collection of orchestra and band instruments. With so many schools already struggling to find room in their budgets for arts education, the massive loss of instruments essentially crippled entire music programs.

Without school music programs, many students lose their only access to arts education. Since its inception, Music Doing Good with Instruments has donated new and refurbished instruments to school music programs and individual students. Music Doing Good recognizes that successful musical study requires dedication, practice, and a structured support system. When Hurricane Harvey threatened to deny students the opportunity to study music, we knew we had to step in and help.

As the waters receded and schools took stock of the damage, we were put in touch with teachers and school representatives from across the city that were in dire need of new instruments.  This fall, CE King Middle School, Fred Roberts Middle School, and Thompson Intermediate Middle School will all receive new string instruments from Music Doing Good with Instruments. We will grant a total of 67 instruments, bows, and cases to these three schools to replace what they lost in the storm.

In addition to the three schools receiving grants to replace instruments lost in Hurricane Harvey, Music Doing Good with Instruments is investing in Program Grants and partnering with music instructors at:

  • Hastings High School (Alief ISD) – strings/keyboards
  • Klentzman Intermediate School (Alief ISD) – strings
  • Cummings Elementary School (Alief ISD) – keyboards
  • KIPP CONNECT Middle School – strings
  • Scarborough Elementary School (HISD’s K-8 Arts Access Initiative) – strings
These Program Grants allow us to partner with instructors in their students’ success by providing meaningful support for their instrumental music programs. By investing in these school programs, we increase the odds of student success by leveraging the consistent instruction offered by committed teachers. 

All photos courtesy of Rodney Waters