Something to Ponder from the Next Generation of Musicians

We are often blown away by the clarity and comprehension displayed by Music Doing Good’s students. Their drive to make the world a better place through music is a beacon in today’s troubled world. This blog entry should provide you with a heaping helping of hope for the future. Bill Sun along with his young colleagues at Music of Harmony inherently understand that they hold the key to a very bright tomorrow. And it’s called…Music!

“Hi Mr.Waters, my name is Bill and I am 10 years old. I am one of the 2017 MDG scholarship winners.

To begin this letter, I would like to ask myself and you a question. Why are we even doing music? Why shouldn’t we spend the money on other things instead? Most importantly, how can we change the world with music?

While pondering over these questions, I realized the answer has always been the same. We bring people together with our music. Countless performances have inspired many people to compose music and change the world. With MDG performing at nursing homes and other places we bring people together and most importantly give them a sense of happier memories.

Why don’t I use the money I use on music instead on some other extracurricular activities? Memorization in human beings is the easiest skill to master. Creating things is a whole other matter. Playing instruments is creating ideas and dreams, making your place in the history of human people in music. By creating my own interpretation of all music and creating a completely new sound, I am making myself unique.

How can I even begin to address problems in our country that I think need reforms? The answer still lies in music, and more importantly words. Music is an universal language that we all can understand. As said by Plato, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” One example of music being used to address problems is the African-American Civil Rights movement. Bob Dylan’s “Times They Are A-Changin’ ” inspired young generations that felt they needed change.

How does the scholarship tie in with any of this? I say about this that the scholarship is what made all these things possible. Everybody has their humble beginnings, and I know that this one starts with a lesson. A lesson that costs my parents money. A lesson that is paid with hard-earned money. A lesson that was made possible by my scholarship.

Thanks for listening.