Summer is Over, But the Lessons Live On!!

Music Doing Good loves to hear from the children served by our outreach programs. And we do…a lot! We are truly grateful to understand the impact that music lessons or summer workshops have on budding young musicians. The following story recounts the experience of Solomon Alhakeem, a senior at High Schools for the Performing Arts, who attended Camp VOICE in Savannah, GA over the summer. He is a vocal student who wishes to pursue music as a career. Solomon also interned at Music Doing Good this summer, so he truly became part of the family. We are so proud of him and will do whatever we can to ensure his future success!

“This summer I used Music Doing Good’s Internship money as well as $200 of the awarded scholarship money towards attending the Camp VOICE in Savannah, GA. Only twelve applicants were accepted this year ranging from age 14 to 21. This 10-day camp helped me in getting a lot of staging experience as well as better understanding the vocal performance career path.

In regards to the staging experience, there were two shows and various pieces assigned. In the beginning I found it a little difficult to build connections to each piece. However, I believe I was able to carry out this task successfully after working to better understand my pieces through analyzing the text and finding the connection of these smaller works to the larger works. This helped me by developing the skill of performing as various characters in one night.

Furthermore, I was able to better understand the vocal career path through the brown bag sessions. These sessions were on topics such as modern composition, how to work with a conductor, vocal health, social media, and resumes. I found the session on social media and resume the most helpful for me as I prepare for college applications and will need to revise my artistic resume and social media accounts.

Moreover, I got to work with many professionals for coaching and voice lessons.  This opportunity allowed me to experience a variety of teaching methods and learn about different ideas and approaches to singing.

In addition, the amount of events basically filled up my schedule.

These events included master classes, shows, and ‘Death by Aria’s.’ I found this to be extremely beneficial as I learn a lot by observing. Therefore, watching and analyzing what these young professional singers are doing definitely helped me a lot and opened my eyes to new things.

Consequently, this camp gave a unique experience in which I learned so much about my voice and self, and I’m extremely grateful for Music Doing Good’s support throughout my musical journey.”