SUMMER STAGE: From the Mouths of Our Babes!!

The first session of SUMMER STAGE was a huge success! We enjoyed spending time with some of our existing students as well as meeting new kids who wanted to expand their performance abilities during our summer intensive theater and music camp. Many friends were made and many lessons learned over the last two weeks.

Adrianna was referred to SUMMER STAGE by a friend who knew that she could benefit from our program. She sings as a hobby with her friends at school. And what a voice! This was the VIDEO that she sent to Ms. Ussery prior to joining SUMMER STAGE.

Here’s what Adrianna had to say about SUMMER STAGE.

“I loved being able to spend two weeks out of my summer vacation here at SUMMER STAGE. Being the eldest of the group was at first a bit tough, but in the end, it was a great learning experience to interact with kids close to my age and younger as well.

Some may say that two weeks is not enough time for someone to grow as a person or mature, but it certainly was for me. I have always been a shy and reserved person with a passion for music. With the help of Ms. Ussery, I was able to use my passion for singing and music to tell a story using facial expressions and gestures. I was also allowed to break out of my shell and comfort zone, while still staying true to myself.

The Summer Stage and Music Doing Good program not only taught us singing techniques, but also acting and movement skills.

I am beyond grateful and honored to have met all of the Music Doing Good staff (Ms. Ussery, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Julie, Mr. Kenneth, Mr. Hall and Mr. Rodney) because although they all had different roles, they all equally impacted me and taught me the skills/lessons that will stay with me forever.”

On the last day of camp, the students performed an incredible show for their parents, friends and staff at Kawai Piano Gallery entitled “Freedom.” This Broadway-style musical performance challenged each child to apply what they learned during the camp. The freedom that they were given to experiment, stretch themselves and take chances really paid off in the final performance. Of course, they received a standing ovation!

Adrianna’s mother remarked, “My daughter is very talented but very shy. After only ten days in the program, I loved how she overcame and dealt outstandingly awesome with various emotions pertaining to being on stage. She spoke loudly and with security, the audience got excited and I was amazed! A big thanks to Ms. Ussery and the Music doing good staff.”

Stay tuned…we’ll continue to share with you the experiences of our kids…in their own words!