The Word of the Day is commUNITY!

Ms. Ussery: Okay, boys and girls, look at the board. What word can you find within the word COMMUNITY?

Class: (Shouting the answer in excitement) UNITY!

Ms. Ussery: You’re so smart. Yes, it’s the word UNITY. Do you know what UNITY means? (Waits for response)

Charlotte: Unity means when people come together.

Ke’Shawn: …like when you work with people and not against them.

Chad: It means when you do stuff together.

Ms. Ussery: Wow, great job! Unity is when we take our parts and make it into a whole. Oneness…working together in harmony.

Aaliyah: Like a symphony?

Ms. Ussery: Exactly!

GLEC students and their parents joined Music Doing Good at Heights Kids Day of Music. The students performed a rap from their upcoming show “In.My.Feelings.”

In the classrooms, behind the scenes, on weekends, in the wee hours of the mornings and late at night, Music Doing Good in Schools supporters have been working to ensure children have a wonderful experience as they prepare to perform IN.MY.FEELINGS. on May 11th at the Hobby Center. Proponents have become an active and engaged commUNITY on which our organization depends. With advocates who understand the needs of underserved children, there has been an influx of individuals freely giving their financial resources and time to facilitate workshops, assist with costuming, transport children, lead parent correspondence, and are available upon request. Here are some commUNITY highlights!

  • JusTme (California Mindful Hip-Hop rapper) and Jawad of Rainbow Colored Sounds granted the use of their original songs for IN.MY. FEELINGS.
  • The Akhtar Family and an anonymous donor donated Yoga mats for student meditation.
  • Costume pieces were loaned to the production by Zoe Jackson of Haute Mother Vintage.
  • A costume workshop facilitated by Lord Andrew taught students how to construct their own costumes which will be worn in the production.
  • A makeup workshop was facilitated by Lady An’tick of Beat Yo Face.
  • Lady An’tick of Beat Yo Face, BeatWerq by CathyLu, and Victoria Callaway and Co., Inc. will volunteer to provide makeup services to 70+ children on May 11th.
  • The WRAP session, which taught girls to embrace their innate strength of Love, Respect, Accountability and Humility, was made possible by Kim Bady, Brooke Giles, Krystal Holmes, Sharee Johnson, Tamara Jones, Dana Smith, Maegon Miller, Rhesa Hickman, Mia Jones, Lauren Ford, Sonya LeCompte, Tiffany Atkinson, Monica and Thompson.
  • This marks the second-year Reverend Russell Cravens and Neartown Church has paid the fee for Gregory Lincoln Education Center students to participate in Music Doing Good in Schools.
  • Parental support and engagement has been at an all-time high this year.
  • J’s Divine Janitorial Service by Jim Randle, The Muse Management by Kimberly Youngblood, Eddie Lowe, and Dana Smith are collectively donating 120 volunteer hours.
  • Thanks to generous food donations by Music Doing Good Marketing Director Julie Lambert, Catering to Your Taste Buds by Chef Michelle and Salata all students will have happy bellies on show day. J
  • We are grateful that Gregory Lincoln Education Center, Cummings Elementary, and Askew Elementary hosted Music Doing Good in Schools on their campuses. Our host schools are awesome sauce!
  • Music Doing Good staff has taken on extra tasks to ensure the success of its outreach program, Music Doing Good in Schools.

You: I wanna help. Pick me! Pick me! How can I be a part of your commUNITY?

Ms. Ussery: You can be a part of our commUNITY by donating your time, resources, and funds to Music Doing Good in Schools or any of our other outreach programs. You can email me directly at or for general information.

Thank you in advance for DOING GOOD!

Aisha Ussery, M.Ed.