Unexpected Generosity from the Community

For the last three years, the students of Gregory Lincoln Education Center (GLEC) have participated in Music Doing Good in Schools. They have become like family to us. At the beginning of the school year, GLEC’s budget had become quite strained. They were facing the possibility of having to leave the program because they could no longer pay the fee. But the Magnet Coordinator, Cheryl Jones, was determined to find a way.


She contacted a nearby church via email and sent clips of the Music Doing Good in Schools performances. Pastor Russell Cravens responded immediately and agreed to pay the fee to ensure that Music Doing Good remained on the GLEC campus.


GLEC found a true community partner in Neartown Church, led by Pastor Craven. Their church “strives to see that each person in need is helped to the degree that God has made the funds available to our church for distribution.” They spend 50% of all ministry money on works that have impact outside the church. Music Doing Good is grateful not only for Neartown Church’s support of GLEC, but for all they do in the community.

Says Cheryl Jones, “I would like to thank you [Phillip Hall] and Ms. Ussery for taking time out with the students of GLEC.  The program was wonderful and I am always amazed at the talents of our students. I’ve seen them grow tremendously over the years. They are more responsible and committed to not only your program, but the school’s programs as well.  I am looking forward to next year!”

In keeping with the theme of our upcoming concert, Music Doing Good is experiencing “Generosity” on many levels, and this is a fine example. Join us on September 28th to experience “Generosity” through music! Register here: