Pilot Guitar Program at KIPP SHARP!

When KIPP SHARP fourth grade English teacher, Pete Willett, approached Music Doing Good with Instruments to start a guitar program, we jumped at the chance to help! His love of music, especially Jazz, prompted him to initiate the guitar lab on the elementary school campus. Pete is piloting this program for the school and we could not be more proud of his efforts.

Ken Gayle and Pete Willett

Music Doing Good and KIPP have been collaborating for many years now with their orchestra program. The orchestra directors have received instruments for the school in additional to many instruments that were granted to individual students. It has been one of the most impactful partnerships to date…for both organizations!

KIPP SHARP received 12 acoustic guitars this week to get this program up and running. The students were able to unwrap several new guitars, as well as receive some very nice refurbished ones.

Music Doing Good with Instruments was approached months ago by a young Eagle Scout, John Paulson, looking for a worthy project to enable him to achieve his Eagle status. He decided to organize an instrument drive for a school in Refugio, TX to replace the many instruments lost in Hurricane Harvey. He found our website and connected with our mission. We were promised any instruments that were left over after the needs of the school were met. A couple of the guitars came from his instrument drive, and this week, we’ve found those guitars a really great home!

Music Doing Good supports many orchestra programs with violins, violas and cellos, but we are also really interested in supporting the creation and maintenance of guitar programs in Houston-area schools. In addition to helping with repairs, Rockin’ Robin Guitars and Music, is becoming a new community partner to serve as a drop off location to support our collection, repairs and redistribution of guitars. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with a mainstay in the Houston music scene.

We wish Pete the best of luck in launching his pilot guitar program at KIPP SHARP! He is the kind of “above and beyond” teacher that Music Doing Good wishes to fully support.