A Letter of Support from Douglas Mills!

Through our outreach programs, Music Doing Good strives to impact the lives of the children we serve…and we love to hear from them. Douglas Mills is definitely one of our stars! He is a student at High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA). Douglas joined Music Doing Good in Schools last year and landed a lead role in “In.My.Feelings.,” which also landed him a lead role in the recent production of “Runaway Blues” at The Hobby Center. He is also a scholarship recipient, which he has used for private voice lessons. Here’s what Douglas has to say about his experience with Music Doing Good. We are incredibly proud of this talented young man and look forward to following his career, for years to come!

My name is Douglas Mills, Jr.  I am presently a student of Music Doing Good in Schools.  I have been in this program for three wonderful years.    I began my participation in this program when things in my life were not so great.    I was experiencing bullying because of my size, height and limp.  (One of my legs is shorter than the other.)  My father had his second heart attack and had been told he was unable to work anymore.   Our family was under a major financial situation.   In short, life was not the best.    Through my National Jr. Honor Society teacher, Ms. Uraih, I was apart of the off stage crowd performers at an MDG production at the Hobby Center.   From that moment on, I was hooked and wanted to be part of the program.

Being a part of Music Doing Good in School has allowed me to grow as an individual.   I have developed a greater sense of my own personal worth and value.   My self discipline, focus, leadership skills, and emotional control has been enhanced for my betterment.    My work ethic has become better because this program keeps you busy, stresses professionalism, time management and constant development for success.  I have learned how to interact with my peers and others.   I have learned great communication and leadership skills.   I have developed greater  acceptance and understanding of others regardless of their race, culture, or family background.   I have learned  how to work with a wide array of individuals, situations, and circumstances.  I am more dedicated to my school, family, community, and self.

Runaway Blues – Zilkah Hall 2019

Finally, MDG has become my extended family.   I know that they truly and sincerely care about me as an individual and performer.  They have helped me to grow vocally, as an actor and an advocate for music and the arts.   Because of MDG, I am living my dream as I strive to one day enhance my studies in Musical Theater and Performance.   The life lessons that I have learned from MDG has extended far beyond the classroom, stage, and performances.   I thank MDG for being my emotional support, a shoulder to lean on when I need it, and a positive avenue for me to express myself musically and as an individual.  Music Doing Good in Schools truly cares and works hard with and for every student to ensure that we are successful and prosper in our life endeavors.



Douglas Mills, Jr.