A Spark. A Spotlight

Music Doing Good in Schools met the Frank family for the first time last year when their children chose to participate in the theatre arts, after school program at Askew Elementary. Not only did they have three siblings in the program, but their youngest child, Skylar, was the youngest child ever to join Music  Doing Good in Schools. Older brother and sister, Wesley and Keyshia (Jackson) also participated.

At first, program director, Aisha Ussery, M.Ed. was concerned about having a four year old in a fairly rigorous and structured environment where accountability is key. After the first several weeks, it was clear that there was no need to worry about Skylar’s ability to adapt to the program. In fact, all of the Frank children took to the program like ducks to water. Even the parents were exemplary in supporting their children, meeting deadlines, and always being prepared.


The children thrived in the theatre environment and delivered a fabulous year-end performance at The Hobby Center. The parents were in awe of the final program and the skills that their children acquired over the year. Gratitude was abound!

Keyshia and Wesley in the pink and green shirts respectively.

After the school year ended, the Franks told Aisha that they would be moving to Galveston. When she delivered the news to the staff, there was a collective thud! The staff who got to know this family were devastated to learn that they would not be back the following year. But as we know, the show must go on.

The Frank family recently issued an invitation to Music Doing Good to attend the production of Shrek The Musical in Galveston, starring the Frank children, Keyshia, Wesley and Skylar. Program director, Aisha Ussery, M.Ed. and executive director, Lisa Elliott attended the performance and were so excited to see that the spark that had been created through Music Doing Good in Schools had actually started a fire in these kids. They may be 45 miles away, but they are still performing on stage! And look at their bios as published in the very fancy program!


We are incredibly proud of the entire Frank family for supporting their children, who deserve the spotlight! We are so incredibly proud of Music Doing Good in Schools for sparking the joy, meaning, purpose, passion, and inspiration for these young people to become who they are meant to be in this world!