All Aboard for Runaway Blues!

We’re back! Music Doing Good in Schools is back on campuses and meeting with parents in preparation for the upcoming season. It seems that the program was a big hit with Askew Elementary, where it was introduced for the first time last year. See what Assistant Principal, Bianca Garrick, had to say about that. Click HERE to see video!

We are also thrilled to be back at Cummings Elementary where program director, Aisha Ussery, M. Ed., is working with the administration and teachers on fine arts integration. Music Doing Good in Schools will also return to Gregory Lincoln Education Center for the fifth year.

Music Doing Good in Schools proudly presents its eighth production entitled Runaway Blues. This riveting tale revolves around three young men who are seeking refuge from the torments of bullying, the pressure to be successful and the marginalization of being labeled autistic.  On a whim, they meet at a secluded train station and purchase tickets to an unknown destination. While aboard, they meet a kind-hearted train worker, Miss Judy Lu Robert, who dispenses her own brand of wisdom gained from years of working on the railroad and having an autistic grandchild. Through her loving guidance, the boys eventually return safely to their homes and school, eternally bonded by the knowledge that supportive individuals are available. Most importantly, they are empowered by positive thinking.

Runaway Blues is undergirded by a soundtrack featuring several original songs by its playwright and director, Aisha Ussery, M. Ed. Get on board and support Music Doing Good in Schools’ Runaway Blues on Friday, May 10, 2019 at The Hobby Center.