Announcing the Marie T. Bosarge Affiliated Fellowship in Rome!

University of Houston’s Katherine G. McGovern College of the Arts made a big announcement last week. The Marie T. Bosarge Affiliated Rome Fellowship was established at the American Academy in Rome. The Fellowship offers UH arts students a year long, one of a kind research opportunity and the chance to find mentors, collaborate with colleagues and establish meaningful relationships with important leaders in their field.

Last year, Music Doing Good also announced the College-Bound Scholarship Fund whereby music students would receive scholarships to University of Houston’s Katherine G. McGovern College of the Arts, University of St. Thomas, Texas Southern University and Houston Community College. Those awards will be announced again later this spring.

Ms. Marie T. Bosarge

Marie is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Houston Symphony and the University of Houston Moores Society. She serves as a member of the Advisory Board for Casa de Esperanza de los Niños, Inc. Marie has been honored by numerous organization in the Houston-area for her philanthropic work in support of music and arts education, children’s charities and women’s rights.

Music Doing Good applauds our Founder and President for providing this incredible opportunity for college students to learn abroad.

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