Gratitude from KIPP SHARP!

Music Doing Good is always thrilled to hear from those in the community who have received our support. The partnership between KIPP SHARP and Music Doing Good is one that we deeply value. The relationship began several years ago and has grown and expanded is a very symbiotic way. Here’s what orchestra directors, Mauricio and Madeline, had to say in a rather beautiful note. Many of their students included notes, as well.

“Words cannot express our gratitude for how much you have helped the orchestra program at KIPP SHARP with your donation of over 40 violins, along with your many other instrument donations over the years. Not only have you supplied our program with so many quality instruments for students, you have saved our school thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements because the violins came with extra bridges, shoulder rests, strings and rosins. We can never thank you enough for your generosity and your tremendous impact on our students. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!”

Music Doing Good is proud to support this wonderful orchestra program and their extremely dedicated students and teachers. Let us know how we can help your school or child.