Marie’s Notes: CommUNITY

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.”   — Helen Keller

Marie Taylor Bosarge, President and Founder

2018 ended on a very high note! As we celebrated “Community” at our December concert, I realized the importance of this concept. Seeing so many long-time friends and supporters at the concert warmed my heart and reminded me of just how far Music Doing Good has come since 2011.

My intention for the coming year is MORE COMMUNITY! As Helen Keller states, “Together we can do so much.” With your support, we can do anything. We can ensure that children have a safe environment in which to develop important life skills and express their creativity. We can ensure that disadvantaged students have access to instruments, private lessons and mentorship. We can ensure that students maximize their cognitive function by learning music in their developmental years. We can give these children the support they need to create meaningful and purposeful lives…through the power of music.

One of the reasons “Community” resonates so strongly with me is because buried within the word itself is another word:  UNITY. It is with this “oneness” that we can realize our power. None of us is separate from the other. The oneness is built into the fabric of the collective. Through conscious intention to build COMMUNITY or UNITY, think of what we can accomplish and how many lives can be positively impacted. After all, the oneness is already there!

Please join me in carrying this powerful intention into the New Year! I know that 2019 will be the best year yet for Music Doing Good. I am grateful for our community and your continued support.