More Community Connections!

The theme of our December concert, “Community”, continues to resonate with Music Doing Good! In fact, our founder, Ms. Marie Bosarge, declared 2019 the YEAR of “Community” as we continue to recognize and honor individuals and organizations with whom we share a commitment to investing in our incredible community.

Beyond our outreach programs, Music Doing Good would like to share with you some of the work our staff members are doing to strengthen our connection to the community through music…of course!

Kenneth Gayle

Instruments Program Director and Producing Director, Kenneth Gayle, has just been appointed Interim Music Coordinator for Unity Church, where he has been a long-time member and featured soloist. Upon Ken’s appointment, he and Reverend Michael Gott discussed the importance of honoring Black History Month in February. “Hearing this, I took the title of the powerful book by Patrice Malidoma Some’, “Of Water and The Spirit” as an inspiration and a way to speak to the importance of honoring ancestral knowledge,” remarks Ken. Sunday services in February will honor Black History by exploring this unified, month-long theme, “Water and The Spirit.”  The four-part series culminates on February 24th with a Choral Celebration featuring Stephanie Bland, the Unity Choir, and special guests, The Phillip Hall Singers. For a calendar of events, click HERE.

Yes, The Phillip Hall Singers!

The Phillip Hall Singers performing Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Music Doing Good in Service Program Director and master of the 88 keys, Phillip Hall, created The Phillip Hall Singers in 2015. The group’s major goal is to become cultural ambassadors for the city of Houston by presenting quality performances of anthems, spirituals, hymns, pop, Broadway and gospel music. Recently, The Phillip Hall Singers have performed at Rothko Chapel’s Birthday Celebration for Martin Luther King, at the 23rd Annual Remembrance Breakfast at Texas Children’s Hospital, and at the Harris County Swearing-In Ceremony and Celebration…and that’s just so far in 2019! The group has also performed for former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Interfaith Ministries Tapestry Gala, Purple Songs Can Fly and many more. “Water and The Spirit” will be an epic choral experience with layers and layers of voices, both live and ancestral.

Phillip Hall

“We’re excited to share this exploration and celebration with you,” adds Gayle. “Please invite your friends to come join us at Unity…and jump on in…the water is fine!”

We are so proud of Ken and Phillip for putting the UNITY in Community…or is it the other way around? Once again, at Music Doing Good we see how music strengthens and UNITES a community committed to “creating a world where we all live in concert.”